WhatsApp to introduce three new features for iOS users

WhatsApp is rolling out two amazing features in the Android app. One is dark mode and the other is disappearing messages.

iOS users are also getting some amazing features in the new version update. All of these features will eventually be introduced on both iOS and Android but sometimes, a feature takes a little while for example, the thumb impression on the Android version. It is already introduced for iOS users for almost a year.

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According to the latest report, WhatsApp has started to roll out a new update for iOS users. The version 2.19.100 update will let users edit received media, play audio messages from notifications and also send Memoji as stickers.

These new features are for iOS users only but the Android users are expected to get these features soon.

WhatsApp will allow iOS users to edit the images and videos that they receive. To use this feature, the user has to tap on the media and then tap the doodle icon as they view an image or a video. This will prompt them with editing tools and they can do the requiring editing to the media.

Also, iOS users will be ablt to play voice messages from notifications. To do this, they need to long-press on the notification for a voice note and then tap on play to hear the message directly.

Also, iOS users will be able to send Memoji as stickers on the app using the emoji keyboard on devices. This is for the users who have iOS 13 installed on their smartphones.

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