WhatsApp Status To Appear On Facebook

Facebook announced that it is going to integrate ads on WhatsApp very soon. WhatsApp, the world largest video/chat messaging app is rolling out new features almost with every new update on its iOS and Android platform.

In January, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is going to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

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According to WABetainfo, a Twitter account that keeps a close eye on the latest WhatsApp updates, Facebook is working on integrating WhatsApp status and connect it with Facebook status.

It means, users now will be to share their WhatsApp status as their ‘Facebook story’.

WhatsApp will soon have “Add to Facebook Story” option. By choosing this option, WhatsApp status will be posted on your Facebook story. The feature will only work if you have the Facebook app installed on your smartphone.

If the Facebook app is installed, WhatsApp will add a new option called Add to Facebook Story. When tapped, you will be redirected to Facebook to share your story. Using this option, WhatsApp will allow posting your status updates on Facebook, that contain images, videos, GIFs and text. The process is not automatic, the user has to manually use the option.- WABetaInfo Twitter

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