WhatsApp ‘Status’ tab is similar to Instagram stories and you can get it too now

WhatsApp is testing a new feature called ‘Status‘. This feature is actually very similar to Snapchat ‘Snaps’, Instagram ‘Stories’. Right now, it is only available for public beta users for both iOS, Android.

Ever since WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook, it has been constantly rolling out new, amazing features which are increasing user engagement in the app.

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WhatsApp already has over active 100 million users and the addition of ‘Status‘ would increase in more users interaction as it has already tasted success at Instagram Stories.

In order to gain a competitive edge as a part of Facebook’s new video-first strategy, this feature could be an instant success overnight.

Here is how BGR has spotted this new feature and have created a video so you can try out too.

Any one can get this amazing feature now. To begin with, you should have the Public Beta version (2.16.336) running on your smartphone and be a part of beta testing here.

Via: BGR.in



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