Default email prompt worries, chrome has a solution now

The common ways of linking with one’s visitors are extremely frustrating. You have to create a contact form for your audience. This requires a user to fill in loads of boxes just to send a simple message. It becomes worse when a link is hidden behind a set of words and every click opens up into another horrifying web link.

Latest Chrome Extension

NoMailto is the new Chrome extension that has been developed by Matt Downing to save us from the irritating process of opening up the default mail apps. Now with the help of this app there is no need to click on the link that messes up the workflow. This app gives you the option to copy the address to your clipboard or open up the app for yourself.

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This is a perfect solution for the problem that users have been facing for a long time. For web-based Google inbox users there is no need of the links but for others, copying address to clipboard is a much more convinient to send a message.

Via: The Next Web

Want a Free Website

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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