WhatsApp is introducing a new voice recording feature and that could be embarrassing


According to a latest leak, WhatsApp is rolling out a new voice recording feature for Android users and that could put off many people and make them concerned. WhatsApp will soon release a locked record function which will let users turn on voice record by tabbing the microphone icon and holding it for just half a second.

As scary as it sounds, this could mean recording all your conversations accidentally if your phone is unlocked if microphone icon is pressed. As of now, the Android users have to hold the icon constantly to record a message and if the finger slips off the icon, the voice message does not get recorded but this is going to change soon in the latest update.

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Well, this new feature may cause headache to few, specially if you keep your phone unlocked.

Just image your conversations secretly getting recorded and transmitted to your contacts. That would be embarrassing. Right now there is no word about iPhone WhatsApp users.


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