WhatsApp introduces verified green badges for accounts

Just like how Facebook has introduced grey badges for verified business pages, whatsApp has Now introduced verified badges for business accounts if the contact information is confirmed. Right now, this facility is given to the small number of businesses participating in the pilot program. If a phone number of a contact is associated with the business, it turns a green badge that means the account is verified.

WhatsApp is encouraging more businesses to use its platform. By showing yellow text bubble in the chat, users (potential customers) will get to know if they are talking to a business. The only catch here is, none of the conversation with verified business accounts can be deleted.

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WhatsApp recently announced deleting text for everyone for the very first time. For business conversations,the reason behind not letting participants to delete chat is because whatsApp wants to keep all conversation save for record purposes.

The purpose of green badges for business accounts is to build the trust with their customers.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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