WhatsApp: Developing a video messaging feature for users

video feature

WaBetaInfo reports that Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on another amazing feature that lets users send video messages.

In accordance with the app-tracking website, the instant messaging app has been updated to version IOS users will be able to access the new feature in a future update.

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Video Messages:

A new feature, called video messages, is currently being developed and is not yet ready for release.
Users can record and send short videos of up to 60 seconds using the camera button. Using this feature, users are able to communicate with family and friends in a new way.

“Video messages on WhatsApp will work like voice notes, but they’ll also let you capture and share videos,” said WaBetaInfo. A video message allows you to convey your emotions and expressions more effectively than a voice message.

The use of this feature may be more appropriate at times than sending a text message or a voice message. This feature can be used by a user to demonstrate how to use a new product or explain something visually. Video messages can serve as an effective means of communication in situations such as these.

WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy:

It is WhatsApp’s policy to ensure the privacy of its users, as well as the end-to-end encryption of video messages. As the messages are encrypted end-to-end, no one will be able to view them, including the app. Additionally, video messages will not be able to be saved or forwarded to other conversations, but screenshots will remain available,” the app-tracking website stated.

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