WhatsApp’s New Feature: Forwarding Video Notes Across Chats

WhatsApp's new feature: Forwarding video notes across chats.

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new feature that allows users to forward video notes to different chats. 

This update will make sharing videos easier by letting users record them once and share them multiple times.

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Initially, this feature will be available to beta testers. The new mode lets users record video notes directly from the camera without holding the camera button in the chat. This makes the process simpler and faster.

Meta, the owner of WhatsApp, keeps adding new features to improve the user experience.

With a straightforward way to share movies across several chats, the option to transfer video notes is intended to improve the user experience.

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Beta testers can now use a revamped camera mode to record video notes more easily. This update eliminates the need to hold the camera button, providing a smoother experience. 

Currently, this feature is being tested on Android for users who have the latest beta update from the Google Play Store. A wider release is expected soon.

WhatsApp is also working on integrating with Meta AI. Users can create AI-powered images of themselves by providing setup photos. 

These images will accurately represent the user, and users can delete their setup photos anytime through Meta AI settings.

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