Meta’s Community Summit with Civil Society Partners in Pakistan


To interact with civil society partners and talk about social media best practices, online safety, and freedom of expression, Meta hosted a Community Summit in Islamabad, Pakistan on July 2. This was a component of Meta’s effort to meet with important national stakeholders and reaffirm its commitment to fostering an open and safe online environment in Pakistan.

Meta’s Head of Safety Policy for the Asia-Pacific region, Priyanka Bhalla, stated, “We want people to share their thoughts and build relationships online in a safe space.” To assist us develop features and tools that will enable people to interact online safely and responsibly, Meta will keep up its collaboration with civil society organizations in Pakistan.

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A great opportunity was presented to me to interact with Pakistani civil society about child safety. The fact that such committed organizations are working to protect the most vulnerable members of our society is heartening, according to Heather M. Girton, a National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) program specialist who was in attendance at the event.

Visit Meta’s Safety Center for more information.

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