What the world’s most influential leaders studied in college?

A degree in computer science is no guarantee that you’ll end up being the most successful nor can a philosophy degree stop you from creating a billion-dollar startup. But this is the most difficult decision for new college students when they are choosing their subjects that can shape their life’s trajectory.

In fact, it is one of the most popular debates among the young lot. But you would never have wondered what the most influential people studied to become leaders? What subjects did they study that affected their success after graduation?

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The most influential leaders of tech today belong to a wide-range of educational backgrounds. Some of the leaders chose subjects which went perfectly to what they have achieved but some made decisions that make no sense to where they are today.

Following is the list of most influential leaders of today and what they studied in their college.

Jack Ma: Alibaba CEO

Alma Maters: jack Ma studied at Hangzhou Normal University (B.A), Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Major Subjects: English (B.A), M.B.A

Being worth $30 billion today, Jack ma got accepted and acquired an English Degree after applying four separate times.

Elon Musk: Tesla and SpaceX CEO

Alma Maters: He studied ate the University of Pennsylvania’s College of Arts and Sciences & Wharton School of Business.

Major subjects: He chose economics and physics.

Bill Gates: Microsoft Founder, former CEO

Alma Mater: A drop out of Harvard University

Major: N/A

The former CEO of Microsoft’s Founder Bill Gate had never decided of doing his majors from Harvard University. He often attended those classes he wasn’t signed up for.

Marissa Mayer: Yahoo CEO

Alma Mater: Stanford University

Major Subjects: Symbolic Systems (B.S), Computer Science (M.S)

Marissa Mayer became a pediatric neurosurgeon but after taking a class named as CS 105A- Computer Science for Non-Majors, she pursued with a different field.

Tim Cook: Apple’s CEO

Alma Mater: Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, Auburn University (B.S)

Major Subjects: Tim Cook chose Industrial Engineering (B.S), M.B.A

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook CEO

Alma Mater: A drop out of Harvard University

Major Subjects: He chose Psychology and Computer Science.

Jeff Bezos: Amazon CEO

Alma mater: Princeton University

Major Subjects: He chose Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Ginni Rometty: IBM CEO

Alma Mater: Northwestern University

Major Subjects: She chose Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Sundar Pichai: Google’s CEO

Alma Mater: Stanford University (M.S), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, and Wharton School (M.B.A).

Major Subjects:  He chose Material Sciences and Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering.

Via: Business Insider

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