Instagram introduces Face Filters and lot more

Now things are getting more interesting on Instagram as it is adding another SnapChat inspired feature onto the platform. Instagram’s team has done a lot of exciting work around augmented reality. It aims to introduce more creative ways for users to share everyday moments and engage with friends.

This time it has introduced face Filters and this is basically the last missing SnapChat’s feature. The filters work in a brilliant way. These are similar to the Face Filters that work on Facebook as animated glasses, ears, crowns etc. there is a lot of cute stuff that can be exciting for users of all age group.

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Face Filters work for stills, videos, and Boomerang. These can also be sent directly to specific contacts or can even be added to your story. But posting them to the news feed does not appear to be easy. For other features, users can now play videos that play backward i.e. a rewind feature. The added fun effects allow users to make it control like they have control of the Force and make objects fly back into their hands.

And then there is hashtag sticker which allows users to incorporate a background or context o their posts. This hashtag can be tapped by user’s contacts if they want to see more posts related to the topic.

The designs and specific filters built by Instagram have an underlying technology which uses MSQRD’s imaging technology as well as proprietary technology from Facebook’s applied machine learning teams. Still, it has not been revealed by Instagram that whether it would bring more face filters to the community or will expand the available filters.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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