What does it take to become a better person?

Throughout our lives, we all make mistakes. These are the mistakes that have not exactly placed us in the best light. We probably feel guilty because of maybe bullying someone in school or telling lies to our loved ones. But like an average human, nature forces us to feel embarrassed about our own wrongdoings and we think of improving ourselves for the rest of our lives. This is what makes us continue to grow as a person.

We may not be perfect but that does not stop us from trying to be better. Following are the few ways to make the most of ourselves and become a better person.

Focus on the weak areas:

In order to start the improvement process, we first need to know where we are weak. It does not mean that we become self-critical but we must focus on the points that we feel can be improved. We need to find the negative things in life because when they are hidden, they bring more harm to us. Recognizing and focusing our attention towards them give us a good start.

Nor working on everything altogether:

We can get overwhelmed once we realize the wrong patterns we are following in life unknowingly. But realizing them does not mean starting to work on all of them at once. We must start with improving the things that bother us the most and then move towards the others one by one.

Use of positive words:

This is something we should work upon more often. Giving positive affirmations to ourselves means we believe in our own abilities and we know how to make the best of our potential.

Accept the changes:

Changes occur in everyone’s life but if we don’t accept them, we feel stuck. Our life becomes boring without changes so we must learn to embrace changes openly. Instead of complaining about things, we must focus on how to adapt to those changes.

Paying attention to parents and grandparents:

When we see people much older than us, we feel disconnected to them because of the age gap. Most of the young adults ignore them considering their talk as boring. But, in reality, if we spend time with them we can learn a lot from them. Our parents and grandparents are the people who have seen all the phases of their lives; they have tons of advice which is not available on the internet. Therefore, we should spend time with them; listen to them, and discus or every problem with them. They can be the best mentors we can get in our lives.

Use strengths in a better way:

There are so many strengths we may have but do not realize. These are the strong parts of our personality that can be used to make our lives better. We just need to figure out how to use them. It can be done by making a list of the things we know we are good at and then directing them towards the best use.

Via: Motivation Grid