Want people to trust you?. Adapt these 7 traits

It feel great when you know people trust you but you can’t just tell anyone that you are trustworthy; it takes a lot of time to earn it but gets lost very quickly. Trustworthiness requires you to be reliable, do what you say you will do, be loyal and stand by your friends, have the courage to do the right thing, and not deceiving, cheating, or stealing. Towers of trust are built stone by stone. But you should also remember that no tower is so strong or so tall that it can stand when lies and deceptions undermine the stones at its base.

Being trusted by people is one of the most important things you need to move forward in life and to achieve greater success. If you want to be some other people trust, then the following are the few traits of trustworthy people to adopt:

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Being consistent:

People gain their trust when they remain consistent in their behavior in all kinds of situations. Bad days can happen but if you lose your temper on every other event that occurs, people don’t trust your behavior.

Having integrity:

For trustworthy people, it is crucial to stand by what is right. They are not afraid of people’s reactions towards them because of supporting something they think is the right thing. You need to stand up for the right in life even when no one is watching.

Being real:

People are trusted for their authenticity and having high character. It is because when people are authentic, they don’t try to be somebody else, instead, they show themselves as they actually are. Being authentic is very important for gaining trust of the people around you.

Having compassion for others:

Trustworthy people are compassionate and always think of others before themselves. It is the trait that builds trust for them in others people’s hearts. So, when you are annoyed by someone’s behavior put yourself in their place and think you would have reacted. It will help you to understand them and have sympathy for them.

They are constant learners:

Trustworthy people are constant learners and are fully aware of the fact that there is always room for improvement. They know ways to inspire others and never hesitate to share their knowledge with people. This makes them likeable and trusted among all.


It is the trait of trustworthy people that makes people like them more. They do not just think about themselves, instead, they put others first and think of their betterment. They work towards the benefit of everyone and not just towards achieving their own goals.

Being available:

Trustworthy people remain available for everyone irrespective of other people’s status. They make time for others and listen to them. So, if you want to gain trust, you need to treat everyone with kindness and be present when others need you.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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