Here is why it is hard to change unhealthy habits?

Everyone has a good amount of experience when it comes to engaging in unhealthy habits. When you are told otherwise, you consider it a blatant lie. It is because when you are asked to change an unhealthy habit, you think it is something out of your control. This makes you fall deeper into the trap of that unhealthy habit. For you as a human species, fear of change makes you uncomfortable so you avoid anything that takes you towards better habits.

An unhealthy habit is just a groove etched in your brain through repetition and there are a number of reasons that stop you changing them:

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You make big promises:

The biggest reason for not being able to change unhealthy habits is that you make big promises to yourself. This means you think that a change is only possible when you change everything at once. But what you are not aware of is that your brain better adapts to micro goals. It is because cutting down one item at a times easier than bringing an absolute change. You need to start small by reducing your desire for something such as sugar to slowly when you reach the point where your cravings greatly decrease.

Being impatient:

You must have the patience for changing unhealthy habits because it takes time. The time of changing one habit can take from weeks to months because it really depends on your strong your desire is and how much disciplined you are. Create a plan with which you stick to for the rest of your life. For example, if getting into shape is your goal, at first push yourself to wake up an hour earlier in order to change your usual pattern. Reward yourself every time you successfully do your workout until it becomes a routine and you feel comfortable in doing it.

Comparing with others:

Comparing yourself with others raises doubts in your mind about your own efforts which make you think it isn’t easier to achieve your goals. You must be aware that every human is different and brings changes at a different pace because their abilities are different. Instead of comparing yourself with others, focus on bringing healthy changes to your habits. For accomplishing any goal, provide yourself with a time frame and learn as you go through the whole process. Because looking at others achieving their goals faster than you will raise questions in your mind and will discourage you from even making an effort.

Therefore, focus on doing something every single day that helps you move closer to your goals. It is the only strategy that successful people use and achieve greater success in life.

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