Want people to love and respect you?. Develop these 7 traits in your personality

There are some people who are like the life of every event. They are the ones whom you turn towards when you need an advice or even companionship. It feels like it is never just enough of them and they make you question yourself that what is it that makes them so irresistible?

The truth is that irresistible people don’t constantly try to be liked by everyone. They are confident with whatever they do and pursue certain habits to maintain a healthy perspective.

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Following are the few habits that if you adopt can make you irresistible as well:

Treating everyone with respect:

The biggest element that makes people irresistible is that no matter whom they are dealing with, they treat everyone with respect. This makes them unfailingly polite and respectful with each individual.

Create connection:

It is the ability of the irresistible people to avoid the small talk and create connection and search for depths. They ask good and relevant questions from people instead of wasting their time in talking about something which has no value.

They pay attention to others:

Irresistible people have an authentic concern about the people who live around them. They never bother how well they are liked instead; they spend time thinking about other people. They pay attention to people in order to learn from them and try to gain knowledge in every way they can.

The don’t try too hard:

The idea of bragging never even occurs to the people who are popular among others. It is because they don’t push too much to get others like them instead, they learn from others and see what qualities others have that they don’t have.

They are genuine:

People are liked by others when they are true to who they are and what they do. Their genuine personality attracts other people towards them and enables them to trust them more.

They live with integrity:

Integrity is practiced by irresistible people in every matter they deal with. They follow through their values each day and avoid talking or thinking bad about other people.

Smiling face:

People who are in most demand are the ones who have smiling faces. No matter what kind of situation they are dealt with, irresistible people never forget to smile. Their smile brings hope to the lives of other people around them and makes every situation brighter than it actually is.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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