Stop being lazy in order to work on your important tasks – following are the ways you can adopt to get over laziness

Laziness is the desire to remain idle and to do nothing. In this state of passivity, you allow things to be the way as they are and don’t find a motivation to change them. Sometimes you enjoy being lazy and it makes you feel comfortable after a day’s hard work. However, if doing nothing occurs too often then something actually needs to be done about it.

For stop being lazy in order to work on your important tasks more efficiently, following are the ways you can adopt:

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Don’t beat yourself up:

While feeling lazy it is often observed that individuals feel guiltier which leads to procrastinating. Therefore, if you feel lazy don’t beat yourself up for doing rather be kind to your feelings. Gently nudge yourself of the lazy feelings and motivate yourself up for the next task.

Break into smaller tasks:

You often feel lazier when you have a bigger project ahead. It makes it harder to get started, therefore, break into smaller tasks. Start with taking just a small step forward and perform the task step by step.

Start your day with the most important stuff:

As the day passes, you usually feel lazier with every passing hour. So, start your day with the most important work in the morning and keep the rest for doing in later part of the day. In the morning your mind is more focused and it is easier to get things done with an effective mindset.

Take smaller breaks:

When you are working on a project during the day, it feels hectic to carry on with the work. Lighten up your daily work by taking small breaks and doing short but focused work. In this way no matter how big a project is, it will seem much less daunting and you will not lose your motivation for getting it done.

Shut down the escape routes during work:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or online games are the escape route from your work which leads you to procrastinate more. Shut them down temporarily by setting up physical obstacles. Put your phone away when you are working and use apps that don’t allow you to access the social media platforms.

Start uncluttering:

Your mind starts to procrastinate or become lazy when there it is filled with clutter. You need to unclutter both your work hours as well as your personal time. Ask yourself two questions,

What is it that you would like to work on only if you have two work hours

How would you like to spend your free time if you have only one hour to enjoy?

Use the lazy time for your advantage:

It is not always necessary that you avoid the lazy time. If you feel lazy at one time in a day, then use that time to relax and recharge yourself to become happy. Spend a moderate amount of time on being lazy and in this way you will feel more motivated and energized afterwards.

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