Want to know 8 steps of effective Social Media Marketing?

Regain Control of your Social Media Marketing

For a social media marketing program, it is not easy to keep up with the continuously changing trends. It is a complex and confusing form of marketing but can be made simple by dealing it with intelligent planning and effort.

By adopting the following measures, you can deal with the social media confusions and complexity and can even guide other people to find solutions to their problems.

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1- Give attention to the Platform with the highest ROI:

Return of Investment (ROI) can be useful to allocate your time where it is most needed. You may need more attention to the platform that gives you a higher ROI and better results for your social media marketing efforts.

The best way is to locate your number and clearly examine the customer’s lifetime value (CLV) channels with the highest ROI.

It is better to:

  • Estimate conversion rates on all of your social media channels
  • Conversion rate and channel cost comparison should be compared side-by-side
  • Choose the social media channel that offers high conversion rate and high ROI
  • Focus all your efforts on a single platform that yeilds good results.

This simple approach can help you to stop your time from getting wasted on unimportant issues.

2- Making Use of Social Media Management Tools:

People and businesses around the world are engaging with many social media tools in order to improve their efficiency. But is you are not using such tools, it’s time to get yourself familiar with these productivity-increasing social media tools. There are number of popular social media posting tools you can choose from that such as Buffer, Socialoomph, and Hootsuite.

3- Use your old posts creatively:

You must have written blog posts in the past and those posts must have been the result of an inspiration. It is time to poke those old posts again and look at them in a new light.

Tools such as Buffer and Edgar can assist you to re-purpose as well as repost your old social media posts. Edgar allows you to manage content with the help of filters, set up your file, and let the social media re-purposing start.

4- Creating a system for Curating and scheduling content:

Wrapping up everything on social media and also saving time can be a bit tough. The best way is to develop systems that are controlled repeatable. An efficient system can make you more productive in less possible time.

It is better to use a system rather than wasting time on choosing a system for managing work. Chrome extensions can be used to keep your most important issues in front of you anytime and Buffer’s extensions can help you to save any piece of content to social media.

It is possible to generate systems for managing your social media, these are as follows:

  • For collecting information, use Feedly as a source
  • Add up articles to your curated list with the help of Pocked
  • In order to send articles to Pocket to your Buffer queue, you need to set up IFTTT
  • Choose that information that interests your audience
  • Analyze your collected information and remove anything that you feel will not be of any interest to your viewers.

5- Your all social media accounts must share posts at the same time:

Instead of wasting your time by placing the information separately on your every social media account, it is much better to share the same content with a single click at the same time.

6- Engage Selectively:

Social media platform can be a bit distracting to you while working and you may have already wasted a lot of time just on checking your Twitter Chatter for no purpose. Time spent on such activities is absolutely not spent for any productive purpose so you better set up alerts on Mention or Google.

These alerts will notify you the work which is important for you to get engaged in. You just need to go on https://www.google.com/alerts to set up Google alert and then choose the term of terms you want to be notified about and click Create Alert.

Being selective about your work can help you save a lot of time and energy which you can positivly use to work on projects.

7- Try Batching your content and tasks:

For any business owner or marketer, there are millions of tasks that are always pending. Most of the time gets wasted on deciding which task to complete first and which ones to leave. Batching is a good solution to stop your time from being wasted on such practices. Batching can help you to

  • Follow people on Twitter
  • Save articles for posting
  • Writing the ideas
  • Creating images for social media

Batching will give you more time for other tasks, you just need to manage your routine by placing similar work in one group and can complete the tasks very efficiently.

8- Outsource Work:

Outsourcing can become much simpler if you manage your tasks into various sections. You need to focus on the tasks which you want to work on, and then select a platform to which you can outsource the project.

As an example, if you are allotting a lot of your precious time on figuring out Facebook ads, then Growth Geeks can help you to outsource the component of your job with a service. Otherwise a social media platform such as Up Work can help you to locate a freelancer or business in no time.


Social media itself is very time consuming, we do not even notice how quickly the hours go by when we are reading through our Twitter and Facebook posts. It wastes our time on many unproductive activities and does not allow us to get planned and organized with our daily tasks.

With the passage of time, social media is taking over a lot of our time and wasting our energy for meaningless purposes. Technology is supposed to empower humans so you should spend valuable time to automate the process by choosing intelligently from the above mentioned tools.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)