Introducing Adobe’s generative AI video tools


According to Reuters, Adobe plans to introduce AI-based video synthesis tools in Premiere Pro and After Effects. In May, Premiere Pro will offer AI-powered text-based video editing.

With Adobe Firefly, Adobe will offer generative video effects.  Firefly is an image synthesis mode that will be expanded to include video and audio generation tools in the future. A popular industry tool for assembling TV shows and Hollywood films, Adobe Premiere Pro is Adobe’s flagship video editing application.

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Firefly for Video:

Presently, playing out special effects or editing tasks can frequently be work serious. Adobe intends to smooth out that cycle with generative artificial intelligence help. In a demo reel posted on its blog, Adobe showed “Firefly for Video” producing a background soundtrack, producing audio effects, changing the visual season in a video, making an enhanced visualization on “liquid,” finding and lighting up an individual’s face, and creating sound records through text commands.

In its promotional blog, Adobe makes reference to highlights we could anticipate from its new AI tools, including some recorded above (like producing audio effects and music), yet in addition text-based variety upgrades, text and logo animations, automatic storyboard creation, and imaginative “co-pilots” that can as far as anyone knows produce how’s to assist clients with master editing skills.

If you’re familiar with these text-based video editing tools, it’s because Runway teased them in September. However, Runway hasn’t yet delivered on those promises with the fidelity shown in its teaser. Until the product is released, it would probably be prudent to treat Adobe’s marketing film with caution.

Earlier this week, Adobe made a separate but related announcement about the integration of text-based video editing into Adobe Premiere Pro. This would enable editors to cut and rearrange video based on automatically identified spoken transcripts extracted from video clips. According to Adobe, the feature is as follows:

Only Premiere Pro incorporates Text-Based Editing, revolutionizing the way creators approach their craft by making video editing as simple as copying and pasting text. By utilizing Adobe Sensei, Text-Based Editing automatically analyzes and transcribes clips so editors, producers, and assistants can copy and paste sentences into any order they choose and instantly see them appear on the timeline. It is possible to search transcripts in the transcript window in order to identify specific words and phrases.


Similar text-based video editing functionality was first shown off by Adobe as part of “Project Blink” in October, but the company now claims that these functions are a part of its “Adobe Sensei” platform. It’s unclear whether the distinction is purely brand-related or technological. It’s important to note that a business by the name of Descript provides a comparable service for editing videos and podcasts.

People may sign up to try Firefly, which is presently under limited beta testing, and Adobe says its Firefly for Video capabilities will be rolling out “later this year.” Adobe says that text-based video editing will be available in Adobe Premiere Pro starting in May.

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