Video chats being added to Google’s Duo

Last August, Google introduced its video chat app named as Duo. The company since then has been incorporating nifty features into the app for making it more appealing to its users. It added features such as voice-only calling in order to help users avoid bed-head conversations.

According to 9to5Google, the latest addition is a call-log feature to the app that makes it possible for users to keep and search their call history in their regular calling app. The new version of the Google’s app Duo integrates with the Android’s phone standard call log. This is something that keeps a track of the Duo video calls once the app is allowed to do that. The Duo calls will be visible next to the rest of the calls that are made with the phone. A small video camera icon will appear under the number that has been called for the video calls which will differentiate them from the other calls. The update for the Duo app is available from the Google Play Store.

Google is trying to make its Duo app as the ubiquitous video calling solution and is hoping for it to acquire a decent user base. This is a feature that has been set by the company similiar to the Apple’s Face Time. This recent update is highly useful and shows that Google is still serious about improving Duo.