Video: Bridge eats up vehicles in baffling optical illusion

A trending video on Twitter has amassed over 200,000 views and thousands of retweets and comments and it shows no signs of stopping.

Trending in the middle east right now on Twitter is an eye baffling optical illusion leaving viewers open-mouthed as they scratch their heads to figure out how the traffic disappears into the side of a bridge.

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Originally shared by Twitter user Daniel Dutch, the video shows cars and bikes driving down a road in an unknown location and mysteriously disappearing into the side of the bridge.

‘Yes, the traffic just disappears’. Daniel wrote:

According to Daily Mail, some people are branding it the ‘Bermuda triangle’ while there are others believe, the video is simply an optical illusion which of course it is.

It seems like, what appeared to be a river and a bridge is in fact a dirty roof.

It’s the roof of a building, the dirt underneath the wall creates the illusion (along with perspective) that it’s an overpass’. replied one user in the comment.

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