Viber adds instant video messages, chat extensions

In order to keep up with WhatsApp and other chat IM’s, Viber has brought some changes to its platform with the introduction of short video message sharing among the user’s friends list. It also helps to integrate with third party services such as Wikipedia and Giphy along with redesigned emotions.

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Viber’s users can benefit from this modification and can record a 30 second video for sharing with people in the friends list. This news feature is incorporated into the chat window and can be accessed by swiping on the voice message button. Before all this, there is something for users to keep in mind.

The videos can be recorded only up to 30 seconds and can be cropped into circular shape but there is no limit for the videos to expire like videos on SnapChat. With third-party services, Viber also has a range of integration. Giphy, Wikipedia, viber stickers, and the MovieDB will be included at the time of launch. Users need to type “@” for accessing the service they want similar to as “@stickers”.

The COO of Viber, Michael Shmilov stated that many major services can be accessed with the addition of chat extensions straight away from user’s chat screen, search, and can be instantly shared with other people on the list. Viber’s redesigned emotions have all been created with a flat new design.

Via: The Next Web

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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