VentureApp wants to be WhatsApp, secures $4M funding

VentureApp is aimed at making business messaging easier. To provide for user’s professional and business needs, this app wants to serve as an online and mobile chat hub. Up till now, $4 million of funding is led by Accomplice along with investment from Full stack Ventures, Boston Seed Capital.

The company previously started for focusing on creating a marketplace of service providers for small businesses. It particularly aimed at serving the community startup. Among its services, the most popular part was its messaging feature that the company had built into its platform.

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Later on, the company decided on doubling on its messaging feature. It focused on this because, at that time, there was not a great app for messaging with people of a professional network. VentureApp serves as a great messaging platform for all of your professional contacts. Its usage is simple, it automatically connects an email contacts from Gmail, Google Apps or Outlooks as soon as you log in. It also uploads a user’s LinkedIn contacts. Once started, users can start chatting with anyone included in their professional network.

VentureApp is not like LinkedIn where business and service providers keep on sending spam messages all the time. This app aims to help users by avoiding any of the junk emails. It reaches out to contacts as well as a service provider but does not allow service providers to reach out to them. Chats are opt-in so the users must accept a message even before the session begins from another user.

The approach being followed by VentureApp is opposite from LinkedIn and is helpful for charging businesses who want to have a presence on the platform enabling possible customers to reach out to them. The team of VentureApp aims to incorporate other features with the finds which include the launch of a mobile messaging application in future.

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