Now you send money from Gmail on Android

Throughout history, people have been relying on some sort of payment systems in order to purchase various goods and services. It started with barter system where people used livestock, moved to gold, the gold-backed dollar, credit cards, US dollars and evolved into electronic payments. There has always been a consistent theme as humans have always preferred payments that have been convenient and transactional.

Because of this continuously evolving trend, Google integrated a wallet into Gmail on the web in 2013. And recently, it has rolled out a new integration on mobile. It has enabled the users of Gmail app and Android to send and request money to other people even to those who do not have a Gmail account.

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This is the first time, this feature has arrived on the mobile app. sending money is pretty simple; the user needs to click on the attachment button and tap Send Money. The recipients will receive money without having to install an extra application. The entire process takes place in Google app and users are not required to install Google Wallet. This is a great opportunity as there are many people who do not bother to install an app for receiving payments. The received money goes directly to the bank account without involving any kind of charges.

Currently, this feature is available in the US for all the Android users but there is no clue when it will become available for iOS users.

Via: The Next Web

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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