WhatsApp to introduce new web version without connecting to phone


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. It has over 2 billion users right now in the world. Even after the controversies in the recent past regarding its shady privacy settings, the app has the most number of users than any other instant messaging, calling app on the internet.

In January 2015, WhatsApp introduced its web version known as WhatsApp Web. This was the game-changer at that time. This feature helped WhatsApp bring more business users to use the app.

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Businesses in the world opted for WhatsApp web for ease of communication. It worked as the alternative for the emails as well because of the easy compatibility with the laptop as well as with the desktop. In business circles, citing ease of communication, this feature of WhatsApp was widely appreciated across the world. Features such as sharing images, videos, voice notes, and files from the Whatsapp web app further fueled a surge in popularity, orchestrating reason for new users to choose the platform

In order to use a desktop version, mobile needs to be connected to the internet. After scanning a QR code using the mobile camera on the computer screen on link web.whatsapp.com, users log-in to the desktop version.

In 2019, the company gave a hint to its users that it is working for multiple devices support. WhatsApp’s official blog revealed that the company is testing its beta version of the new feature of WhatsApp web. The new update will make the desktop app a standalone application without a phone-sync needed. It means people will be able to use the desktop version without connecting to the phone. When this new feature rolls-out, it will surely increase the further popularity of this Facebook-owned company, and more users will be attracted to the platform.

Now since that feature is already rolled out, users can use WhatsApp on four different desktop or laptop devices. This is feature is available in the Beta version. All the features are still not available. The company will extend the Beta version users for the testing program. This feature will be for both regular users as well as WhatsApp business accounts.

The daily user of WhatsApp is increasing rapidly. More and more users are depending on this messaging application. With this feature, the company can earn more revenue and attract new users to the platform. Although there are many alternatives that surfaced up in the times when WhatsApp was handling its dubious Security and Privacy updates, it still is the most commonly used application in the world.

WhatsApp Web users are waiting for this feature to officially roll-out. With the speed at which the company is working to roll out amazing new features recently, it seems like this one will be introduced sooner than expected too.

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