UpWork releases 20 Fastest growing Freelance skills in Q1, 2019

Upwork.com is the world’s largest and arguably the best freelance marketplace where freelance projects are posted. The site has projects and freelancers from all over the world.

The company releases quarterly fastest growing skills every year.

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75% of the top 20 fastest-growing skills were new to the index in Q1 2019. They are different from the majority of in-demand freelance skills in Q4, 2018.

“Labor markets overall are tightening, and for many skills, employers are increasingly struggling to find available workers in their local areas,” said Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork and co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on the New Social Contract.

“As a result, the array of skills employers are finding through digital platforms is growing, including technical skills like Hadoop and Kubernetes as well as non-technical skills such as taxation and urban planning.”

The top 20 fastest-growing skills, Q1 2019:

  1. U.S. Taxation

  2. Hadoop

  3. Robotic process automation

  4. Explainer videos

  5. Computer aided manufacturing

  6. Financial planning

  7. Urban design

  8. Software documentation

  9. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  10. Geospatial

  11. Julia development

  12. Kubernetes

  13. Magento

  14. Employee training

  15. Shopify templates

  16. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  17. Vue.js framework

  18. Leadership development

  19. Architectural rendering

  20. Podcasting

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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