UpAlerts: Winning Project on UpWork Faster


Pakistani freelancer Shajeel Afzal has made a significant impact in the industry and is a top-rated freelancer. His passion for technology led him to develop UpAlerts, an AI-based system designed to empower freelancers. Freelancers can stay on top of their projects and never miss an important deadline with this innovative solution, which provides real-time notifications.

How it works:

Get real-time job alerts from Upwork, write AI Cover Letters, and Win more jobs. Search and apply for Upwork jobs quickly with Upwork Alerts, the app that sends real-time job alerts for new Upwork projects. Increase your chances of winning projects and save a lot of connects wasted by applying late. With Upwork Alerts, you’ll always be the first to know and apply for the best Upwork jobs.

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Plus, Upwork Alerts comes with an AI Cover letter builder. Quickly create amazing cover letters tailored to each job you apply for, with no hassle. Get your name at the top of the list of applicants with Upwork Alerts.

UpAlerts features:

  • AI Writer
  • Free Category Alerts
  • Keyword Alerts
  • WhatsApp Integration



  • AI Mentor
  • AI Profile
  • Job Insights
  • Chrome Extension
  • WhatsApp Chabot
  • Community


It also allows you to work as Agency or as an individual freelancer. Then it will suggestions according to your profile. Add your skills & you’ll get notifications of jobs posted.

Battery Optimization:

The battery optimization feature appears when you sign up. Just go to Battery optimization>>settings>>select app>>save power>>No restrictions. The background working in Android is limited, and the app does not work properly.

Pro Member:

You can become a pro member at 995/per month. It has a FREE TRIAL of 3 Days. You can get this membership through the app store & Google play. It has the following features:

  • Unlimited Job Alerts
  • Custom keyword Alerts
  • WhatsApp Integration(Experimental)
  • 5 AI Proposals

You can download the app with the following link:

UpAlerts App


UpAlerts will change the way you work on Upwork. It shows real-time alerts whenever a new job is posted on Upwork. Additionally, it creates customized cover letters based on your portfolio and experience. You can save connects by immediately applying for jobs on Upwork.


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