4 ways you can become more self-aware and bring a positive change in life

Self-awareness is the sharp realization of your own personality that includes strengths and weaknesses. If you are self-aware, it is easier for you to understand your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and motivations. You understand other people well and detect how you perceive them in return. Being self-aware is an opportunity to make changes in your own behavior and beliefs.

Becoming more self-aware gives you the ability to lead with a sense of purpose, authenticity, and openness, and explains your success as well as failures. Following are a few ways you can become more self-aware:

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Write down your goals and track your progress:

This is a technique that not only makes you think more clearly about your goals but it also makes you more self-aware. Warren Buffet is known for writing down his goals before making any investment because it helps him to articulate the reasons for them. It helps him assess whether or not future outcomes can be attributed to sound judgment. So, write down your goals and track the progress during the whole process.

Ask your friends to inform you:

Your friends can be of great help to you to inform you about the things you already want to change. Just pick a few friends whom you trust the most and ask them to let you know when you are repeating behavior you want to change.

Ask for feedback at work:

You can also ask your colleagues at work to give you constructive feedback that allows you to better see your own strengths and weakness. This is the kind of feedback to become more aware of your competency and working style. Once you have received the feedback, it is important that you reflect on it by writing down the top takeaways. Take notice of any surprising strengths and any weaknesses at blind spots.

Practice meditation:

Practicing meditation can help you improve your movement-by-movement awareness. Meditation is a process that simply begins with focus. It makes you appreciate the simplicity of inhaling and exhaling. This provides you with more clarity on what you are trying to achieve, whether things that you are doing are working or not, and what can you do to make the changes you want.

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