Twitter’s new Lite app loads quickly and saves data.

For some people, slow internet connection means a sign from the universe of telling them to go play outside and sometimes, it feels like a cruel joke to destroy their productivity. Anything is rarely achieved while surviving a slow internet connection. Getting internet speeds backups to snuff quickly and stress-free can be just a sheer luck. But it seems Twitter has found a way to reach its users in the countries where there is no other option to connect except using slower internet connections.

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For its micro-blogging service, Twitter has recently launched its Lite version. This is a Twitter’s version that works only on any phone through the browser. It assures users that it loads the content quickly and saves on data consumption. To users, Twitter Lite version offers a bit of a trimmed down interface as compared to company’s other mobile applications. Users cannot use the photo editing and live streaming features as with Twitter’s main apps.

For loading light weight image previews, users can turn on in the settings menu with Data saver feature. It helps them to save up to 70% on the data usage. Also, users can add a shortcut to the mobile site to their Android home screen that will enable push notifications to impersonate the mobile app’s behavior as well. According to Twitter, for authentication and loading up the app 1MB is essentially a JavaScript program that is paired with a Node.js server.

When this is complete, it connects to the Twitter API and delivers tweets as well as media content. Interestingly, for faster connections, this standard Lite version is a lot sharper as it loads tweets extremely fast. Twitter’s Lite version has made possible for people to stay at the forefront of the rapid adoption of the mobile internet and the always-on lifestyle even when they are using slow connections.

Via: The Next Web

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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