Easypaisa launches Pakistan’s first MasterCard-branded Virtual Debit Card

A virtual debit card can now be instantly generated by any Easypaisa account customer by using the Easypaisa smartphone app. This card then is used for making online payments wherever Mastercard gets accepted. This Virtual card will have all the details that are required for a transaction including a 16 digit PAN number, the CVV, and an expiry date.

The control and flexibility of the Easypaisa Virtual card make it the most secure card in the country. It allows customers to define a maximum spending limit to allocate. It requires no fee for using a card or any of its services. On international transactions, the currency conversion rates are lowest than all the other existing credit cards rights now or any banks in Pakistan.

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This Virtual card when used for transaction purposes online will automatically deduct funds from a customer’s Easypaisa account in PKR. This card can be obtained in Pakistan regardless of the SIM people use. This can be done easily by downloading the Easypaisa App from the Google or Apple Store. Then it requires you to create an Easypaisa account, deposit or IBFT funds to that account, create a Virtual Debit Card to use it online.

The online payments in Pakistan have not reached its maximum limit as despite more than 30 million cards being issued, only half a million cards remain active. This is because only few online and retail merchants are recent who accept card payments. One of the biggest reasons for a few number of card users is that most customers are not comfortable making purchases online using debit cards. The Easypaisa Virtual card has therefore been introduced to give 100% control to customers.

The addition of this virtual card is going to be helpful in gaining customers’ trust and strengthening Pakistan’s online payment landscape. Easypaisa card can be used to make online payments just like the other cards that are present in the market. This product will be a big help for students who have to pay for the TOEFL, GRE fee, or SAT for applying to the universities in other countries. It will be a great help for small and medium businesses for purchasing licensed online software and to pay the international certification fees.

Visit https://www.easypaisa.com.pk/easypay/virtualdebitcard to learn more

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