Feeling stuck often?. Follow these 8 Habits to become more productive

For everyone, the improvement of productivity level is a constant process because everything in life revolves around the to-do list. But you often feel dissatisfied with your performance because you struggle to be productive at your workplace. And a lot of times, the reasons for your low productivity are external, not internal. Therefore, by bringing few changes in your daily routine, you increase your performance tremendously.

So if you fail to turn your skills into a quality work, you must take a look at the routine you have in your daily life. You must understand what habits have become constant parts of your life and how they are impacting your work life.

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Keeping your workplace clean:

A litter-strewn workplace does not allow your creativity to spur nor helps you get done with your work. The scattered visible files constantly remind you of the unfinished work and distract you from the project you are working at that time. Keep your desk and the entire workplace clean because it helps you to become less frustrated and persistent with your work.

Keep the 20% of an eight-hour day for priorities:

No matter how hectic your routine is, make it a habit to set aside 20 % or 90 minutes of your every day for the most important projects. By spending just 90 minutes on your goals and priorities every day you can make progress even if your squander 80% of the rest of the day.

Don’t work extra hours:

Experts have found that overwork does not mean an increase in productivity. Instead, working more lowers the productivity levels and increases the burnout and makes people frustrated. By working 56 hours per week you can be as productive to those who work 70 hours a week.

Take naps: 

Studies have proved that a nap brings positive effects on your behavior and increases tolerance for frustration. Smaller naps give a lot of energy to your body and make you a lot more productive as compared to people who work constantly.

Take most out of your meetings:

Another important way to increase productivity is to plan ahead of your meetings. Sometimes meetings are nothing more than a time waster, therefore, always make a particular agenda, and know what you actually want to achieve through them. Keep meetings short and discuss only two to three issues in it so that everyone can remember and work on them.

Get enough sleep:

For an increased productivity it is really important to have a good night sleep. Neither become an under sleeper nor an over sleeper because both are more likely to get extra sick days.

Work closer to day light:

It has been found through studies that people who work near a window work 12 per cent faster and perform 25 percent more as compared to people who stay completely indoors. Even if you work indoors, make it a habit to take a walk after few minutes and go outside in the sun.

Stay away from productivity killers:

You have to aware of the productivity killers that waste your time and energy throughout the day. Stay away from your cell phone; avoid texting, social media platforms, gossips, useless meetings, checking emails etc.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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