You can positively persuade anyone to get whatever you want by following these 6 steps

You may not know but the mindset of receptivity can be cultivated and expanded upon to an unlimited degree and you are the window through which people can see the future they want to be part of. For positively persuading people for anything you want, you need to embody the future you want solidly in your own mindset. A compelling enough vision will help you to persuade anyone regardless of your previous outlook. It is because the way you feel about yourself determines how others treat you because they subconsciously sense what you feel worthy of.

In life, there is always something that you want to have, may it be a raise from your employer, a partnership with a newly started business, or anything extra without additional charges. You can get so many things in life only if you know the art of persuasion. Following are the few persuasive tactics that can be used to get whatever you want:

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Remain confident:

The first tool that is required for persuading anyone is to remain confident. The more confidence you will be in yourself, the more convincing your arguments will be. Your confidence will make you appear powerful but if you are afraid inside and have a fear your arguments will be ignored, at least appear confident.

Persuade with logic:

When you persuade someone, you convince them to change their beliefs or behavior through moral or logical argument. People get persuaded to something only because they start to believe that it is the right thing to do.

Make your request seem valuable:

Under the right circumstances, you must make your request seem valuable to the person you want to persuade. It can be tricky but it is the most effective means of persuasion in making your request seem beneficial.

Be wise with your words:

This does not mean that you inject difficult or big words into your sentences. You need to be really wise in the selection of the words that you use, for example, the word lucrative seems much stronger than good or reasonable. Arrange your sentences to ensure that the true meaning comes across. It will help you come out as a better communicator which will make you seem more intelligent, thoughtful, and trustworthy.

Use subtle phrasing to flatter:

This is one of the cheaper tricks and there are a lot of chances that people will catch into your quickly. Therefore, be very careful and do not try to outright bribe your subject with flatter. Instead, use subtle-phrasing to persuade your recipient.

Stay persistent:

A persuasive argument can linger on for a longer time then you expect and you will not what you want just in the first attempt. When you fail, don’t plead, beg, or argue with the person. Instead, take a break and use this time to recollect yourself. You can make an attempt later at any time. It is because the persuasive messages that you have passed will linger on to the subconscious mind of that person and there is a chance to seem more reasonable to them when you make another attempt of persuasion.

The article originally appeared on Business Insider


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