Train your brain for success, give up these habits

Whatever we practice with our mind and body, we become good at it. People, who spend most of their day waiting for success and happiness, get stressed quickly. If you aren’t at the place you want to be, the biggest obstacle in the way is – You. It means that only you can decide what you want to do next and how. There are some of the bad habits that get in the way of your success and by transforming them, you can achieve success.

You can achieve inner-happiness and satisfaction just with the power of positive thinking. Following are few habits that you need to give up in order to have a happy and successful life.

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Unrealistic perfection standards:

The attitude of being perfect all day is something that can make life really stressful. Failure is not something to be afraid of but it should be considered as part of your learning experience. It should be redefined for achieving success as well as happiness. You need to give up your attitude for unrealistic perfection standards.

Praise from others:

In the business world, no one has time to shower you with praise if you are doing something good. Take time to recognize your achievements yourself and write three things that you have accomplished. These things need not be great but anything that needs credit.

Negative self-talk:

The negative self-talk can ruin your whole day. So do not engage in negative self-talk and stay positive in your thinking. Even if a day starts rough, set aside few minutes to repeat some positive affirmations to yourself.

Being defensive:

You should overcome the fear of getting a feedback or defending any critiques. In order to become successful, it’s necessary. This is something that focuses your attention for the loopholes that are making you slow in achieving your goal.

Unwillingness to change:

For achieving success, you need to give up on the habit of being set in stone. For successful people, defeat is taken as an indication to try again with different strategies. The plan can be made modified to achieve success even if it’s not the way you intended it to be.

Short-term mindset:

Another important thing to avoid is to stop making decisions in situations when you are angry, sad, or frustrated. Making abrupt decisions because of emotions can waste years of hard work and planning. Allow your mind to return to a levelheaded state and then go through all the work again to make a final decision.

Stay away from negative people:

For achieving success in life, it’s better not to surround yourself with negativity of other people. You can only stay motivated and determined if you have a team of passionate and aspirational people around you.

Give up the insecurity:

Insecurity is something that can ruin your dreams. When everything points towards success, do not underestimate your decisions. Keep reminding yourself the reasons that make you good enough. Create a list of your talents, skills, and achievements and this power of positive thinking can ditch all the possibilities of failing in life.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)