Avoid keeping personal data on work computers and here is why

Working remotely

In the modern world, jobs are seeping into the time we would spend running errands or staying in touch with the family. Because of this, the border between work and play are blurring and people not only bring work to home but also take home to work in the form of keeping personal files on their work computers. Though its starts off innocently, you check your email on a work PC, store personal to-do lists, your favorite music and photos.

Being able to perform your personal tasks during your work time keep you happy and you do not mind staying in the office for longer hours. It makes life less stressful and we feel happy, right?

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But have you ever wondered what happens if you are asked to leave the company without having to access your work computer for getting your personal items? Many people must be thinking that it’s your data and you should be able to log in and easily get it. But unfortunately, that’s not true. If you have stored your personal data on a company’s computer then you have no right to access it when you are asked to leave. Therefore, the best part is to prevent this from happening.

It’s fine if you feel like doing personal work on the office computer but use a USB flash drive in order to store all your data. According to experts, your work computer should be dedicated for your work only. Saving personal information such as your medical records, photos, banking information etc. on your work computer can send wrong signals to your employer. And if you lose your job, you will be shocked to lose your personal information too.

For being on the safe side, you should never store the following information on your work computer

  • Personal photos or videos:

Avoid storing any personal photos or videos on your work computer. When you are asked to leave a job, you are never given the time to remove files that should never have been on the work computer at the first place.

  • Video or computer games:

There can be no explanation if video games are found on your work computer. This can shake up your chances of staying employed as it not only indicates how serious you are with your job but also risk the company’s assets to be attacked by viruses.

  • Information regarding your side job:

It is fine to look for a side job but you should never store that information on your work computer. Even if you accidently send a wrong attachment to your boss, it can ruin your career.

  • Storing offensive humor:

A video or a joke that is too offensive to be shared with office workers is something that should never be stored on your work computer. This kind of offensive humor if revealed can get you in serious trouble.

  • Not storing the company’s confidential material in a safe manner:

Being careless about saving the company’s confidential material can also make you lose your job. You are paid not only to perform work but also to keep it safe from getting publicized.

  • Inappropriate material:

Always be sure that your work computer stays free from any kind of inappropriate material which proves as an embarrassment for you later.











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