Top Tech Trends for an amazing career in 2018

With the onset of 2018, a new wave of disruption and productivity improvements is upon us. This indicates that there would more opportunity for the digital enterprise. The companies will respond to market changes faster and will become more productive with better-informed decisions. But businesses may face growth and implications because of few of the technology trends or issues.

Following are the few technology trends that are expected to act as critical guideposts for innovation in this digital transformation journey.

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Hacking armies:

Hackers were operating on a smaller level previously but in recent years, they have been backed up by the state actors from countries like North Korea, Russia, and China. These hackers are being funded heavily to steal everything from nuclear secrets to bank codes. The heavy amounts are encouraging hackers to hack into power grids as well as private accounts. This indicates that this trend will become even worse in 2018. The situation is worse for U.S. because hackers have learnt to game the systems of the country. On the other hand, America does not have enough security experts to counter these numbers of threats.

Folding smartphones and tablets:

Last year we saw an introduction to folding and dual-screen phones and we expect to see market-ready products this year. We can see at least one foldable smartphone as well as one foldable tablet in 2018 from a leading brand. These introductions will set a new trend in mobile design for the coming years.

Augmented reality:

For getting people interested in augmented reality, smartphones are a great place to begin with. Although in 2017, Apple embraced the technology with its ARKit and Google introduced its ARCore. But for augmented reality to truly impact our lives, it will have to be introduced through some type of smart glasses.

Longer laptop battery life:

This is the most needed technology that will see an upgrade too. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit is about its always connected PC initiative. These Snapdragon 835-based devices have built in LTE radios that give them 20 hours of battery life along with constant internet connections. 20 hours of battery can free you from carrying the power chord for your laptop all the time. This technology is going to become the laptop’s biggest selling point in 2018.

Regulation for platforms:

The recent election process was greatly influenced by the social media platforms and made the political climate a bit aggressive. It is expected that Facebook, Twitter, and Google will abide by the rules but some legislations will be seen by the authorities as well.

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