Top 7 most popular smartphone apps list

As smartphones are getting more powerful and more connected, plenty of different apps are finding their splash screens as preferred user’s choice. The trend of most popular apps changes very quickly because of change in human behavior.

There are some apps, however, become so popular that never leave the home screens of smartphone users around the world. According to survey done with the phone owners at the age 18 and above, following are few trending apps that they like using the most.

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Facebook has over 4 billion downloads and is among the most top rated apps that are checked by users first thing in the morning. According to an estimated survey, almost 46% of the people have this app on their phones.


Over 3 billion downloads, WhatsApp is a free app used to sends text and images and make video calls. It is widely used in business now a days and people are using it for free conferencing calls and meetings.


Over 2 billion downloads, Instagram is the most popular app in US. Instagram was acquired in 2012 by facebook.


1 billion downloads, Skype is one of the popular video calling app used by freelancers.

Google Maps:

It is estimated that about 5 billion times, Google Maps has been downloaded. Google maps has proved to be of a lot of convenience for people for searching for various locations. Around 37% of the people must have a Google Maps on their home screens.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is also a much-demanded app and 34% of the people must have the app. 5 billion app have been downloaded thus far, and it is used to chat with Facebook users either if they are your friends or friends of friends. You can communicate, video call, send files and images easily.


YouTube resides on the home screen of almost 33% of the users’ phones.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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