Top 6 Baby Sleep Tips That Will Help You Child Get More Sleep

Babies, typically have different sleep needs but every one of them can benefit from few of the smart strategies. Babies spend most of their time in crib and figuring out the best, comfortable crib is a real hassle. Best crib mattress search requires a lot of patience while keeping in mind the budget in the pocket.

Following are easy to use strategies that can put your baby to a peaceful sleep all throughout the night and the day. If a baby crib mattress and related crib accessories are comfortable, your baby will be relaxed and sleep well. These tips will help your baby to get up as more tolerant and more engaging due to improved quality of sleep.

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1. Swaddle the baby:

Because of the startle reflexes in babies from birth to the age of four or five months, they experience jerking movements. This makes the baby wake up during sleep. Therefore it is always suggested to keep a tight swaddle for preventing babies from startling themselves awake.

2. Dreamfeed your baby before you go to bed yourself:

This is the feed given to the baby right before you go to bed and prevents babies from waking up. Dreamfeed can help your child to sleep longer than you.

3. Limit your baby day naps:

If your baby is overtired and needs a recovery nap then it is okay otherwise limit your baby’s naps during the day. It is better to wake up the baby after two hours and feed him/her and keep him/her awake a bit.

4. Give a white noise:

With the use of white noise machine or a regular fan to make your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. It is because, during party times, we avoid asking our family and friends to stop talking, therefore; this is the best way to make your baby fall asleep.

5. Follow the sleep cycle:

Eat, wake, and sleep cycle is the best to follow. Immediately eating after waking up encourages full feedings. This will give baby the energy after waking up.

6. Lay down the baby to awake:

Encouraging a baby to sleep well requires teaching him to sleep independently. When babies wake up at night, without knowing how to go back to sleep they cry. But once a baby gets older, falling sleep independently makes the baby go back to sleep without much difficulty.

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