Top 10 CEO’s in 2017 – GlassDoor Report

in our series of covering top 10 things of 2017, we have covered top 10 universities, highest paying Youtube starts, companies, brands and in this post, we take a look at the Top 10 CEO’s who made a huge impact in the industry. According to a GlassDoor report, a company that keeps a close eye at the industry trends, Here is the newly released list.

10- Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

9- Brian Halligan – HubSpot

8- Elon Musk – SpaceX

7- Bob Bechek – Bain & Company

6- Jen-Hsun Huang – NVIDIA

5- Martin Rankin –  Fast Enterprises

4- Craig B. Thompson – Memorial Sloan Kettering

3- Michael F. Mahoney – Boston Scientific

2- Jim Kavanaugh – World Wide Technology

1- Benno Dorer – The Clorox Company

You can see the full listing on Glassdoor website

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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