5 Little-known habits just as deadly as smoking

As far as healthy habits are concerned, if you don’t smoke you are going to live a healthy life. This is something that we have been listening for ages now and every day there seems to be a new study carried out that tells us how serious impacts smoking brings on your body. Yet people are having more serious diseases that were once thought to be caused just by smoking. It is because the modern life has introduced incredibly unhealthy habits into daily lives of humans that are even worse than smoking.

Unfortunately, most of the people are unaware of the fact that their habitual activities are causing them severe diseases and even loss of lives in some cases. Following are the few habits to look for because they are as unhealthy as smoking:

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Eating junk food:

Gone are the days when people used to sit down and enjoy meals that were simple but prepared at home. People resort to unhealthy processed food that are high in sugar and fatty acids in the form of fast food, canned food, junk and fried dishes. This has become a routine for many and nobody has time to prepare quality food. This is something that is literally bringing an end to people’s lives.

Lack of sleep:

As blue screens are more frequently available so people find less time to lie down and get a complete sleep of seven to eight hours. Lack of sleep is becoming a public health problem. The sleep deprivation is not just limited to sleeping at work or feeling tired, it likely causes heart attack as caused by smoking on regular basis.

Being lonely:

The sedentary lifestyle has made people isolated and they work in the cubicles without communicating face to face. The social media adoption has also made people lonely then ever even if they feel they share everything to their online friends. This makes people emotionally and mentally drained and cuts down on life span as much as smoking around fifteen cigarettes per day would.

Indoor tanning:

There seems nothing more impressive than a good tan but it is not possible for everyone to live near a beach. Indoor tanning sessions have therefore become extremely popular among people who live in colder climates. The indoor tanning machines provide the same bronze glaze as you get from sun tan. But according to studies, it brings harmful effects to your body that is far worse than smoking. It is a precursor of skin cancer than smoking with lung cancer.

Being seated:

Computer screens have restricted employees to their seats and inside the offices. It means that there is less of physical work required for performing daily official tasks as well as daily routine tasks. Human bodies were not designed to sit for long. Studies have proved that every additional two hours that a person regularly sits throughout the day, the chances of developing lung, endometrial, and lung cancer develop more seriously.

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