Three ways that you can take to prioritize your own self among others

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Growing up, it becomes hard to focus on yourself and to prioritize your own needs. Naturally, you are shifted to do more for others than for yourself. But being selfless often makes you ignore your own self and fail to make yourself satisfied and happier. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, it is better to keep yourself clean and bright because you are the window through which you must see the world.

If your internal feeling is one of fulfillment, the way in which you see the world will be positive. To feel good in his world, it is compulsory to understand yourself, the responsibility that should of no one else’s.

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Following are the three ways that you can take to prioritize your own self among others:

Do things that make you smile:

While managing your day-to day life, the stress levels make you forget yourself and even what you are living for. You need to write down things that make you happy and you need to remind yourself what truly lights you up. Include all kinds of activities, music, and people, places etc. that make you feel alive and you will feel inspired.

Spend time with yourself:

You must decide to spend time with yourself and do something that really makes you happy. Stay away from any social contact at that time either in person or through the social media platforms. Regardless of what other people might think about you, go out and have fun.

Always keep a gratitude journal:

Gratitude is something that increases the satisfaction in your life. It develops your self-esteem and optimism, whereas, the opposite of it can lead anxiety and depression. The state of depression leads to loneliness which makes you miserable in your life. Therefore, practice writing a gratitude journal and be grateful for everything that brings happiness to your life.

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