Train your courage muscles by learning these 5 tricks

Have you ever thought to yourself that I wish I could do that or I wish I could be brave? You may have asked these questions to yourself many times. Everyone needs to be brave at times but it is easier said than done. This is because it requires rising above the innate desire for protecting yourself from pain and avoiding the risk of something that is precious for you such as your pride, your job, or approval from people you like.

But building bravery in your life is like building your muscles at the gym and you simply need to train your brain for it. Following are the ways you can do that:

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Know where you wish to end up:

Even if you are not clear on your destination, it becomes hard to motivate yourself. Know what you want and where you want to end up so that you can move in the direction of courage. When you have a choice about something, close your eyes, and think about the brightest star in the sky and aim for it. Chose courage over your fears and you will see yourself more confident and brave.

List your fears:

Once you know what your fears are, you will be able to more direct towards overcoming them. Write down a list of fears that you have wither its public speaking, social anxiety, or any other thing. Once you write down your fears, you will notice how you feel. You may be experiencing anxiety but you know what to work on and you will have benefit of improving yourself.

Face the challenges:

There may be things that scare you the most but by pushing them under the rug, you allow them to become stronger. Instead, commit to taking action against the challenges you are faced with and you will see your confidence will increase.

Have an open mindset:

It is natural to feel anxious when you don’t know what will happen next. Therefore, develop an open mindset where you embrace the uncertainty. Encourage yourself to look at the uncertainty and focus on the freedom that you will enjoy by taking risks.

Stand up for yourself:

It is very important to stand up for yourself and not tolerate anyone stepping your boundaries. Make clear what you want and teach people how you expect to be treated.

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