This Pakistani school dropout has created his own plane

Pakistani popcorn seller who created his own plane

Muhammad Fayyaz is 32. He belongs to the village of Tabur in central Punjab province. It was his childhood dream to become a fighter pilot. His father died forcing him to drop out of school and do odd jobs to make ends meet. He is a security guard who worked all night, slept a little in the morning, sold popcorns in the day and saved money to pursue his dream of making a plane.

He was able to create his own plane by watching videos on YouTube and the internet and when the plane first took off 2 feet off the ground, he knew he had made something special.

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“I was overjoyed. almost flying in the air. I couldn’t feel anything else,” – Muhammad Fayyaz

In order to build his plane, He sold his family land and took out a 50,000 rupee loan from a micro-finance NGO. He is still paying off his debt for his dream invention and is working hard to improve it.

His plane’s engine is from a road cutter, the wings are burlap and the wheels are borrowed from a rickshaw. He has gained the attention of Pakistan Airforce for his invention.


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