Google Launches Augmented Reality Maps

Google finally launches augmented reality maps. The feature is currently for pixel devices. Pixel owners will be able to see the directions of the maps using AR. The maps will show real-time right, left arrows and lot more to guide you towards your destination.

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The new AR feature will use the rear camera of your smartphone. It will show a list of surrounding with the map. Once you select a location or a destination, Google Maps will display real-time arrows for directions and also put a waypoint in the map at the bottom.

The advanced AR will also show other helpful information such as banners with street names, a distance countdown. It will work similarly to the maps installed in advanced vehicles such as TESLA, Mercedez, BMW, and others.

No information is given about the new map rolling out on other devices yet. The new feature using smartphone camera would eat a lot of phone battery. It will be interesting to see how it works on small devices in the future.

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