This Is Why You Should Never Use Your Phone in a Toilet

With the emergence of social media, people are glued to their phones 24/7. Many people have a habit of taking their phone into the toilet. By following this habit which apparently seems harmless, you are exposing yourself as well as people around you to germs and bacterias, some extremely dangerous.

Last year, a study revealed why you should not use a hand dryer in the toilet. Now hygiene experts are warning about the use of the phone in the toilet.

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According to Dr Lisa Ackerley, a hygiene expert, when you pick up your phone after wiping your private parts, you end up transferring the bacteria from your hands to your phone.

This comes as a surprise because washing your hands after using the bathroom is practically pointless reason being, the moment you touch your phone, the bacteria may come back on your hands, Select Smart Health reports.

According to Dr Lisa, if you have a bad habit of using a phone in the bathroom, you are exposed to the following bacterias:


This is a bacterium commonly found in the intestines. It usually is not hyperactive therefore doesn’t cause any harm but in some cases, it can cause severe abdominal cramps, vomiting.


This bacterium can cause food poisoning by eating contaminated foods.

Salmonella infection causes fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, and blood in the stool.


This bacterium can cause abdominal pain, nausea, and fever. A severe infection, however, can result in an inflammation of the colon as well which could be serious.

Another hygiene expert, Dr Ron Cutler, director of biomedical science at the Queen Mary University of London says you should avoid taking your phone into the toilet. This will protect your body from many diseases. It is important to know that viruses don’t only transfer by hands. One has to be extremely careful and should never leave your toothbrush and your phone near the toilet.

The germs are evolving too. They can survive a few days on your phone without you noticing anything. As the phone heats up, this is a perfect place for bacteria to stay warm and grow. Always wash your hands with soap and water, dry them with a towel and never take your phone into the toilet.

The messages on the phone can wait. Nothing is more important than health.

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