This Android app auto-replies to WhatsApp messages when you can’t

Almost all Android phones come with an ability to auto reply the text messages when you are busy. but there is no way one can send auto reply message on to a sender on WhatsApp.

Recently, a new Android app is launched which solves this problem. If you are busy and can’t reply to your WhatsApp message, the app will take over and auto respond. App is called Can’t Talk and is available for download on Play store.

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It is an amazing, innovative idea and a need of an hour. There are times when we are extremely busy and can not reply to a message on WhatsApp, the app will be your virtual assistant and let the sender know immediately by sending an auto reply as seen in the featured image above.

It is surprising, WhatsApp currently does not offer this service but we are sure in the future we will have this innovation making our presence on the app look professional.

Can’t talk currently is free for 2 weeks and than the service can be availed for a $1.30 annual subscription or $2.30 to unlock the lifetime plan.

By default the auto responder is set to 15 minutes but you can specify how long the app should wait before it auto-replies to the sender.

Grab the Android App Here

Via: TNW

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