5 Brutal truths about achieving goals you are too scared to admit

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A lot of people among us get irritated with the fairy tale success stories around. It is because the storytellers always try to prove they are smarter than they actually are. These success stories are not always false but attaining success is a combination of strategy, motivation and ofcourse hard work. Life is a continuous struggle and there are some brutal truths about success which the mainstream media do not want us to know.

These are as follows:

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  • You can never be a perfectionist:

If you become perfectionist, then you will be left behind in every field. For rising on the top, you need to accept the things as they are and make the most out of the available opportunities.

  • You cannot please everyone:

You have to give up a lot in order to find success but at times, you need to put your requirements at the front. You need to see and do what suits you above anyone else’s. It does not mean that you don’t care for others; it means that you are smart enough to know that it’s impossible to help others without helping yourself first.

  • Fail on purpose:

Sometimes it is important to accept and let yourself fail on purpose. If you won’t fail, you will never learn what you did doing wrong. You will then be able to come up with a game plan to make things right.

  • Do something no one else does:

Always doing what others do in order to remain safe is not going to help in succeeding. You have to stick your neck on the line for achieving something you want. Sometimes for achieving your purpose, you need to take the path nobody else is will to take.

  • Success is an outcome, not a motivator:

You cannot do something only because you want to be seen and recognized as successful. You need to have a bigger purpose than yourself whether it’s helping others, bringing a change, working for a goal that does not revolve around your ego. You will work much harder and smarter and will achieve truly great things in life.

The article originally appeared on Hack Spirit

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