This all-women Facebook team helped programmer build their business all over the world

We know Facebook is on a mission for connecting people around the world with improved strategies. Recently, a 12 individual team of Facebook employee’s traveled Brazil, Germany, and India to help its network to build stronger ties with app developers. It was an effort by the company to expand its reach abroad and to increase the growth to an unlimited extent.

Over their meeting with the German developers, the team planned to develop a series of 2-minute “speed dating” chats between Facebook staffers and local developers. Printed screenshots of the first version of this new product were presented that were planned for the overseas app developers.

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The product’s final version was introduced months later at Facebook’s F8 conference in April. The VP of platform and Marketplace Deborah Liu officially unveiled the product. Recently after its introduction, Facebook team got their inboxes filled with developers’ emails they had met during their journey. All of them praised the team for their good work and liked the Account Kit very much.

Crying babies:

This Account Kit is very helpful for developers; it allows them with the option of signing up new users without forcing those users to start off with new accounts and passwords. Users can sign up easily with their chosen email address, phone number, or a Facebook account. This appears to be an extension of the Facebook login which is the company’s current universal login system that allows a person to use the Facebook credentials to start using third-party applications.

With the Account Kit, users don’t need an account anymore. They can simply use a mobile phone number as a universal log in. It is really helpful for users as well as for developers living in countries where people use mobile phones more often. Remembering passwords is as troublesome for most people as a developer told the team that sitting near a crying baby is much more preferable than remembering another password or username.

Your mission, should you choose:

For developers, it is a simple way to use a phone number with Facebook login and with a pin for a password. According to Facebook’s Product Designer Ravit Cohen, the new product has a lot of moving parts. The aim of this project is to keep the experience of using Facebook Login flexible enough across apps that users don’t get confused while using it. Also, the Kit also helps developers with a variety of options and controls to make it work smoothly with the application.

Two Big Things:

The Facebook team’s hard work helped creating a product that the company expects to be its bigger achievement as it will help to attract new users overseas. There are also other things that the team experienced during its trip to different countries.

The first big thing that Facebook learnt was its renewed understanding of its importance to developers all around the world. Companies of all scales use this social media platform to work with their customers on their newly built apps. This encouraged the account Kit team to feel all the responsibility of doing everything accurately.

The second big thing that came forward as a result of this trip was the presence of women in the Account Kit’s Team. It is very uncommon for women to participate in such a large number in any project on high level but Account Kit’s leadership comprise of all women.

This is a refreshing change brought by the tech giant to cover their global journey with the support of its women employees.

Via: Business Insider

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