Linkedin banned in Russia


According to reports, LinkedIn is facing a ban in Russia. The country’s communication overseer has recently added the social networking platform to blacklist. Because of this ban, the internet providers in Russia have to block the access of this website in the country.

LinkedIn is a huge platform for people to create their online CV and find jobs, but due to being blacklisted it is not available anymore. In 2014 in Russia, some of the legislations were enforced in the country. These regulations made it compulsory for all the internet companies to keep an account of Russian user’s personal information on servers. Under these rules, a Moscow court stated last week that LinkedIn does not fulfill the country’s data laws and therefore it should not be allowed to operate. LinkedIn and Roskomnadzor have refused to discuss anything further about this issue.

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According to reports, in Russia more than 6 million people are registered as LinkedIn users. It is a major social network that was operating in Russia and its blocking has paved a way for banning of the other US tech giants in the country. Google and Apple are the companies that store Russian user’s data on servers. But Facebook and Twitter have yet to comply with the Russian Data laws despite these companies have already been threatened to be blocked in the country.

Roskomnadzor, the country’s communication watchdog, has also blocked many other websites in the country. For example, Wikipedia got banned last year after an article appeared on it on cannabis smoking. According to a LinkedIn representative, the social networking platform aims to provide economic opportunity to everyone around the globe. LinkedIn is no longer available in Russia and millions of users are being denied with its access.

The companies are facing problems that use LinkedIn to expand their business. LinkedIn is looking forward to discuss the data localization requests with Roskomnadzor. According to the press secretory of Roskomnadzor, Vadim Ampelonskiy, LinkedIn is facing this ban because it does not observe the Russian Laws and does not store personal data of Russian citizens within the country.

Via: Business Insider

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