This 19 year old Karnataka Student is an international celebrity – Owns a Social Network called ‘Squad’

A state in the southwestern state of India, Karnataka, is gaining fame for representing various streams to display their talent to the entire world. Recently, a 19-year-old Pavan Kumar N.R of Chitradurga is becoming a source of inspiration for the business world. His skills have gained him so much fame over the past six months because of the creation of a global, digital news-media based social network and an entertainment website named as Squad. This teenager from his living room in Mangalore created the website in 2017 which aims to be the next Facebook and mashable in 2018.

Born to a worker in KVIC CSP (Central Government) on 27th October 1997 in Chitradurga district, this young lad completed his schooling in and Pre-University studies from the local institutions. He studied civil engineering but right from the school days, he was interested in studying computer science and 3D modeling. Like other middle-class families, Pavan Kumar also dreamed of serving for the Indian Air Force. He even acted in a Kannada film in 2008 but none of his careers took off which forced him to dedicate his skills towards computer science.

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He made use of the Google Cloud Messaging or GCM and designed a Squad app using his skills. In 2017, the app entered the list of the best apps for social networking and rated 4.5 out of 5 in the app store. For the visitors, the dashboard on Squad provides a setting which allows them to access different channels.

The Squad website can be used to assist people for creating fan pages and promoting their brand. It helps them to promote any kind of product they are working on or the community or an organization they belong to. The website started only as a hobby for Kumar but with the passage of time, the immense increase of its users made him envision it equivalent to the social media platforms of today.

All the advantages of a popular social media platform are provided by Squad such as sending emails, sharing music, instant messaging, as well as video and voice chat. The website offer developer tools for visitors who are interested in creating apps. He won many awards because of his website throughout the years.

Starting from 2007, Mr. Pavan Kumar won Kala Pratibla Award, Patrol Lead of Scout, and State Co-Director of Bharath Scouts and Guide. In 2010, he was awarded constellation prize in the category A of the Gama abacus competition and in 2011, he was bestowed as the Petrol Leader of Scout. The list continues and recently, in 2017 he was awarded from MLA Basavaraj for Ted X Talented.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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