5 Reasons for being tired all the time


In our busy lifestyle, we all blame our tiredness for not getting enough time to relax. We tend to rely on countless cups of coffee or tea to get through our entire workday. But it is something that is happening to most of the people out there which means we are not alone. Exhaustion or tiredness has become a part of our culture and according to a survey, almost 76% people in the USA feel tired at work many days a week. In many offices, fatigue has become a constant complaint but the reasons for it are far different from what most people assume.

If you are feeling the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue then you need to make some lifestyle changes of course. But first, you need to get to the root cause of why exhaustion is making your life miserable.

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Not enough sleep:

Most of the people just count the hours they sleep and eradicate it as any cause of their tiredness. But it is not the quantity of your shut-eye; it is the quality of sleep you get. If you are not getting a refreshing sleep you need, you will end up staying exhausted all the time. You need to keep a constant sleep schedule, cutting off your caffeine intake, avoiding screens before sleep, and keeping the temperatures cool.

Low iron levels:

One another major reason for your all-time tiredness can be low levels of iron in your body. Even people who don’t fall into the anemic range can feel tired because of the low iron levels. This requires a medical checkup but once you know you are even a bit low on iron levels, you need to start eating more iron-rich foods. You should start consuming more poultry and red meat and if you are a vegan, you can opt for more plant-based iron-rich foods such as spinach, lentils, and white beans.

Craving too much sugar:

You might start your day very active but as the day passes by, you feel tired very quickly as compared to the amount of work you have done. This is because of the seemingly very unimportant reason and it would have never caught your attention i.e. your sugar intake. Just to feel active you think adding sugar to your diet is a good idea. Sugar intake can make you active for a short period of time but you will feel lethargic for the rest of the day. For staying active, you need to avoid these energy dips by adding proteins to your diet. Add high-protein and more veggies and cutting on sugary snacks and friend food.

Low levels of thyroid hormone:

High levels of thyroid are a cause of obesity and making you fat when you are not eating much. This is the reason an underactive thyroid is often ignored as a reason for your fatigue. According to experts, if your thyroid hormone levels are low, you will feel cold; you will have constipation, hair changes, and will feel down all the time. You need to have a medical expert to guide you through this process which may involve some thyroid related tests and a daily dose of a synthetic thyroid hormone.

Type 2 diabetes:

If you are a diabetic, then you can also experience tiredness and fatigue throughout your day. It can also blur your vision and make you feel hungry all the time. The best way is to get the right diagnoses by visiting a qualified professional who can assess you thoroughly and get to the root cause.

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