Things to Do on Monday to Give Your Business a Good Week

things to do before monday

No one looks forward to Monday. Unless you love your job, even more than your own free time, there is a good chance you are not excited about the start of a new week. However, there are some good things about Mondays too. It gives you a fresh start. If you have a bad week prior, then this is your chance to get that out of your mind. 

Another good thing about Mondays is that you can use this day to set your company up for the week. Having a productive and efficient day on Monday can lead to productivity all the way to Friday. Although doing a lot of hard work isn’t what people want to start the week with, the following is going to make the rest of the working schedule so much easier. Continue reading to learn more.

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Getting Weekly Formalities Out of the Way 

Nearly every business is going to have some sort of weekly formalities that need to be done. If you work in a store or restaurant, then it is likely that frequent stock takes need to be done. When this is the case, get them out of the way on Monday. You don’t want to let this task go on too long and drag. As well as this, it is massively convenient to have this information at the start of the week. 

Another task that a lot of businesses will oversee is drug and alcohol testing. Even when there is no suspicion among employees, this is good to make sure that the workplace is keeping professional. You don’t want to stress employees by having this at random times during the week. Instead, get this out of the way first thing on Monday morning. CCM Drug Testing is quick and effective, meaning everyone is going to be able to just get on with the rest of their week right away. 

Discuss the Events of Last Week 

Businesses should live in the future. Although, one of the best ways to do this is to learn from the past. On a Monday, have a meeting to discuss what happened in the week prior. If there are major incidents or conflicts that awkwardly need to be addressed, get them off your chest early. As well as this, if there are any changes that you want to see from last week, be sure to reiterate them at the start of the week. 

Don’t be afraid to give praise, either. Complimenting someone’s good work could boost them for the remainder of the week. 

Discuss Goals for This Week  

Alternatively, use Monday to discuss the goals you want to hit this week. Sales targets, membership signups, social media numbers, whatever you want to achieve, lay it all out. This means you and your employees will have it in their minds all week long. Setting short-term goals on a Monday helps to keep the people you work with fired up and ready to achieve these numbers. 


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